RFP Writing

Creating The Specification for the System You Want

Your company's eCommerce site is an important part of your growth strategy as a B2B organization.  It never sleeps, it is a self-service engine for your customers, and it creates a revenue stream with margins that surpass that of a physical location.


You may have started your eCommerce journey using a custom built or bolt on from your ERP provider.  Over time, you have come to realize that making changes, creating a unique customer experience, or providing new features for your customers is extremely difficult.

When you get to the point of deciding you need a new eCommerce system you might be tempted to write your own RFP.   Identifying and writing your B2B eCommerce RFP requirements can be time-consuming.  You may know what you want but you might not know what you are missing.  Let us assist you in the creation of your eCommerce RFP so you can be sure to get a system that meets your needs today and into the future.

The Keyora Adaptive Revenue Platform

Internal Order Desk

Quickly and Easily Take, 
Manage and Complete Orders.

Field Sales

Maximize Your Sales Team's 15 Minutes With the Customer.

Mobile B2B

Place Orders From the Store Room, Shop Floor, Anywhere.

B2C ECommerce

Streamlined, Robust, Enterprise
Class, eCommerce, for Retailers.

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