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We help our customers get better at taking orders from their customers


By surfacing information previously unavailable or difficult to access at Point of Order to your Field Sales, Order Desk, Customer Self-Service portal and delivering new insight to your product marketing teams.

You need Keyora if:


  • You have an existing ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle or others
  • You have a field sales force that needs detailed information both on-net and off-net
  • You have an order desk that is looking in more than one place to find answers
  • You have customers who want better self-service capabilities and information
  • You want real-time insight at point of sale for
    • What’s in stock right now?
    • What promotions is this customer eligible for?
    • What products combine to give my customer a deeper discount?
    • How can I help my customer take advantage of new offers that will help them compete?
    • Clearing up a credit issue to get the order completed
    • Completing surveys on the spot that can be created in real-time by product marketing
    • Understanding merchandizing information to gain competitive insight



Your Enterprise on a Tablet

Keyora is the perfect complement for your field sales force to surface all of the critical back office information that exists in your enterprise.

With Keyora you can combine data in new ways to provide deeper insight and better intelligence for your field sales to drive ideal customer purchasing behaviors at Point of Order.

On-net and off-net, Keyora runs on the most secure mobile device available today – a Microsoft Windows 8 device

Simple, Secure and More

With Keyora on a Windows 8 device connected to your ERP (or multiple ERP) solutions, your field sales will always be on top of everything they need to know to successfully help you meet revenue targets. Surfacing the most valuable field information that was previously unavailable.

Windows 8 devices are considered the fastest and most secure mobile devices in market today, keeping your enterprise information protected with enhanced data protection using BitLocker and BitLocker to Go.


Self-Service that Shines


Your customers have an easier, simpler way to place new orders, repeat past orders and be prompted and encouraged to buy more from you through an intelligent rules engine that delivers customer-specific information compliant with pricing rules, regulatory restrictions, contract modifications or other client explicit exceptions.

A Fraction of the Cost – Fast ROI

Building Keyora-like functionality into your existing ERP solution will likely cost millions of dollars. Keyora is an off-the shelf plug in product that is configured to help you get the best out of your ERP investment.


What Keyora is Not:

  • We are not a CRM but we can integrate to your CRM
  • We are not an ERP replacement – we are an ERP enhancement


Your Keyora Solution is One Product/Five Modules


What Industries are Best Suited for Keyora?

Ideally any industry that has a field sale force who regularly visits with customers to take orders. We have a terrific track record with:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Beverage Distributor and Manufacturers
  • Parts Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Franchisers with resale Agents


Want to Know More?

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